ECHO Labs has partnered with Equinix to provide the data center facilities for our primary Virtual ISP & hosting platform. Equinix provides premium data centers for secure and reliable colocation in the United States and Asia Pacific region. Their Internet Business Exchanges (IBXflex™)centers serve as core hubs for critical IP networks and Internet operations worldwide. With direct access to more than 190 networks, including all of the top global Tier 1 networks, Equinix's network-neutral IBXflex™ centers overcome the limitations of existing data center, network and Internet operations through direct interconnection to the largest aggregation of networks for unmatched service diversity, flexibility and reliability. At Equinix, ECHO Labs can directly acces the providers that serve over 90% of the world's Internet networks and users. Equinix leads the industry for physical security, power availability, infrastructure flexibility and customer support, exceeding the standards set by global Internet brands and leading enterprises.

Website: http://www.equinix.com/

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