Energy Management

The Evolving Area of Energy Information Management

ECHO enters energy information management from the telecommunication perspective. Typically telecom networks deal with network management in a multi-aged, multi-vendor, multi-protocol environment, collecting data over a large geographic area. While specialty firms address discrete segments of the “energy usage mosaic,” few take a holistic approach to data collection. By engineering the solution to collect information in an evolving, multi-protocol environment, we ensure the data warehouse remains future-proof.


The latest product from Echo Labs Energy Management, ERGY is an open standards based end-to-end software and hardware solution designed with the retail consumer in mind. ERGY enables two-way communication between customers and energy products. ERGY integrates and analyzes data allowing users to view and manage resources in smarter, more efficient ways.

For more information about ERGY, including how to buy it, please refer to the ERGY website

The ECHO Energy Manager (EEM)

The Echo Energy Manager (EEM) platform is a data warehouse built on carrier-class hardware and applications that allow our customers to gather, analyze, and communicate energy and resource-related information. Our cloud-based storage and computing solution provides fast, accurate real-time and historical data via a customized, intuitive, browser-based interface.

Key EEM features include:

  • Web-Enabled Interface runs in the cloud for anywhere access energy information
  • Open Data Communication works with virtually any standard communication protocol ensuring a flexible, future-proof, easy to retrofit solution
  • Data Exporting data can be exported in .csv format allowing for auditing or specialized analysis
  • Aggregated & Individual Views shows total operational, state, district, campus and building-level views