The ECHO Labs team started as the core technical capability within the broadband pioneer High Speed Access (HSA). ECHO Broadband acquired the core team from HSA in 2001 and deployed this new IP Group as a team to Europe for major IP Projects. 2002 ECHO Broadband was fully acquired by Keppel and the IP Business Group became a strategic component of Keppel's $150+ million annual turnover Network Engineering Group. The IP Business Group was privatized in 2003 as ECHO Labs. ECHO Labs maintains a close relationship with ECHO Broadband and has expanded its offering to include ASP and hosted solutions.

ECHO Labs helped deliver and develop:

  • The most advanced and enabled broadband networks
  • The largest and fastest broadband cable network upgrade
  • The first implementation of VoIP in the cable access network
  • The implementation of one of the largest messaging platforms
  • The clustered messaging server concept